DUXERIT Litestar Sina, in MMXX


1-3 OnSeptemberth, DUXERIT sumus Attendi in Sinis ad MMXX ShenzhenConvention Show and Exhibition Centre.

Usedam nos ferre hoc ostendit products:

DUXERIT -6x3mP3.91 rentalis ostentationem facta 500x500mm LSR per novam seriem rentalis nigrum velit secum duxit lucerna

-1x1.25mP1.9 duplici quæ est in ostentationem facies duxerunt nos gracili 1000x250mm Internet fixedinstallation seriem

-2.44x1.372mP1.5 audio-visual omnia in una serie picem pixel productum est a parva 610x343mm

LED screen in LED China

DUXERIT propono primum versum thisis nostram audio-visivae in omnibus exhibuistis oneproduct exhibitionem. DUXERIT propono geminae duplex est nostra madeby 1000x250mm Internet vix certa serie instruitur. Hoc est ultraslim scrinium, nisi crassitudine 40mm, murum ascendere faciens firmamentum non solum institutionem, verum etiam hanginginstallation potest facere installation geminus-cubicum esse putentur.

For the audio-visual all in one product, it is made by our 610x343mm small pixel pitch series. It intergraded volume and LED screen. Because of the cabinet’s 16:9 aspect ratio, the LED screen can easily make 16:9 aspect ratio, too. Combined with latest control system, except HDMI cable, DVI cable hathware connection, we can also use our smartphone to connect with the screen by wifi. Cooperated with terminal APP to achieve wireless projection control. It can be applied to government and enterprise, design, medical, education and other industries commercial conference.

Audio-visual all in one product

Propter quod Covid-XIX, non clientem nostrum mostof huc. Habemus tenere vivere passim IV Maior products:

610x343mm parva pixel pitchseries

500x500mm LSR novam seriem generationrental(Click hic ut video)

Internet 1000x250mm gracili fixedinstallation seriem

IP67 960x960mm velit frontservice gracili seriem

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